Rustic Knotted Feather Charm Necklace - Not all Who Wander are Lost Quote

Hand-knotted Czech Glass Beaded Necklace with Copper Feather with a Blue-Green Verdigris Patina.

These smooth round glass beads measure about 6mm (.24").

Each bead will vary in its pattern. The beads have an earthy shade of topaz with an iridescent finish.

The beads have been strung on gray Irish waxed linen cord. A knot has been placed between each bead. Simply slide the cord over your head.

The cord is long and measures approximately 30".

The metal copper feather charm measures approximately 2.50" long and was given a verdigris patina finish.

Attached to the cord you'll find an assortment of random findings that I've collected over the years. There's a brass round ball locket, a vintage brass and steel pocketwatch key and a clear glass stone along with other charms. Some of the charms have a very dark patina to them.

I took a sheet of brass, cut and torch painted it. It left an very unique, old and rustic finish. I handstamped "NO ALL WHO WONDER ARE LOST." onto the thin rectangular charm.

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