Set of 5 Rustic Wavy Copper Cuff Bracelets


Set of 5 Rustic Wavy Copper Cuff Bracelets

These rustic copper cuff bracelets with clear rhinestones are sure to be a hit!

I will form your FIVE bracelets from a flat sheet of copper metal. The metal will be cut, filed, sanded, textured, hammered, folded, soldered, and tumbled to create unique shapes and character marks.

Peeking between the wavy metals folds will be channel set vintage faceted glass stones.

These one-of-a-kind cuffs are an easy way to dress up a maxi dress, tee shirt or blouse.

I only use high quality elements to create my jewelry pieces. I do not use plastic beads that can be purchased at a local craft store. I source my materials from all over the world to bring you the very best.

► Slightly adjustable sturdy cuffs will fit an average size wrist
► Rhinestones measure approximately 2mm or .08"

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR PERFECTION, THIS SET IS NOT FOR YOU. I intentionally create the cuffs to give them a distressed artisan feel. The stones are set to be wavy and slightly off-center to give the cuff a feeling of movement.

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