Copper Wax Seal Monogram Charm Necklace. You Keep the Wax Seal Stamp.

Custom Monogram Wax Seal Necklace

Your pure copper charm pendant will be handcast with an authentic wax seal.

Just tell me your monogram details. Your wax seal will be designed and created at the time you order.

The metal coin's shape and size will vary. But, it will be approximately 1" (25mm) diameter.

These pendants are handcrafted in my studio and fired at around 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. They are tumbled for one hour to ensure they have a smooth finish. I oxidize (darken) them to bring out the highlights.

Look closely - You'll see that your monogram is NOT flat. It has a raised 3-d effect.

A gunmetal chain is included with your purchase.

The exact wax seal stamp that was used as the basis for your pendant IS INCLUDED with your purchase.

So, you can use the stamper to give your handwritten correspondence a personalized touch.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please specify the initials IN THE ORDER IN WHICH YOU WISH THEM TO APPEAR, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. Remember, from left to right, the center letter will be larger. Your custom order will go into production immediately. Any errors on your part will result in a duplicate charge to have your custom wax seal remade.


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